• Build Trust

    Track patient progress with objective data and share illustrated reports.

  • Share Progress

    Keep patients motivated by sharing real-time progress.

  • Improve Recovery & Outcomes

    Make informed decisions about patient progress.

  • Invest Once & Benefit Forever

    Full access with no recurring subscriptions.

The Activforce System

The Activforce device is a portable, high-accuracy dynamometer & inclinometer.

Quickly perform a multitude of tests using various attachments and adjustable straps.

Easily configure ROM & Force tests through the companion Activforce app.

Access to an easy-to-use web dashboard, where you can download and print test reports.

Generate accurate and conclusive data to increase client engagement with a prescribed plan of care.

Perform a Multitude of Tests

Track average force, force-over time and force/weight ratio.

Measure time to peak force.

Assess and track muscle symmetry.

Measure active and passive range of motion.

Improve Client Trust

Improve recovery & outcomes.

Keep patients motivated by sharing real-time progress & results.

Track patient progress with objective data.

Instantly generate & print illustrated patient reports.

With more visits, clinics are seeing better retention, fewer recurring injuries, and clients getting back to doing what they love most.


  • "The Activforce is a critical component to all BARWIS screens and evaluations with our clients including Professional Athletes, Neurological Clients, and General Population. We have used the Activforce with the entire Detroit Red Wings organization."

    SourceConnor Rice, CFO Barwis

  • "The biggest way that Activforce has changed my practice is with patient retention. Having the strength measures have helped me keep patients engaged and coming to therapy. These additional visits have paid for itself and are helping build my practice."

    Daniel Stewart, DPT, Meier and Marsh Physical Therapy

  • "I use the Activforce on a routine basis to quantify muscle performance. It has been a game-changer in my clinical practice. The ease of use of the unit has saved me time with my assessments and the integration with the app has improved my data collection abilities."

    Jared Vagy, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

  • "Activforce can be utilised to collect accurate daily measurements allowing the close monitoring of fatigue markers, or to manage chronic problems. Due to the size and durability of the device, it can be easily packed for team travel without the risk of damage."

    Ollie Leaper, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Premier League