Dive into the dynamic world of physical therapy with our engaging webinar series! Join us as we explore topics within the field, from practical techniques, insightful discussions, to relevant case studies.

Tuesday, June 18

50 minutes

Foundations of Strength Testing: Shoulder Techniques (Part II)

Part 2 of our Shoulder Testing webinar welcomes physiotherapist, strength & conditioning coach and clinician Gus Morrison to discuss adduction, internal rotation and extension with Dr. Stewart. The session includes a case study, possible rehab interventions and live Q&A.

Tuesday, May 21

45 minutes

Foundations of Strength Testing: Shoulder Techniques (Part I)

Explore physical therapy with our monthly webinar series, featuring our host, Dr. Daniel G. Stewart, with special guest, Dr. Erson Religioso III. In this webinar recording, Dr. Stewart and Dr. Erson walk you through strength testing in relation to the shoulder. Exploring flexion, abduction and external rotation.

Tuesday, April 23

50 minutes

Foundations of Strength Testing: Knee Techniques

Explore the foundations of strength testing for the knee, covering the basics of testing knee strength, ACL rehab with a dynamometer, how to properly use ActivForce2 attachments during tests, and a case study on rehabilitating a total knee replacement.

Tuesday, March 26

30 Minutes

An Introduction to ActivForce

A brief introduction to ActivForce, including what you'll find in your box, an overview of the attachments and their uses, best practices for using your device, and some examples of strength and range of motion tests.