Tuesday, May 21

Foundations of Strength Testing: Shoulder Techniques (Part I)

Explore physical therapy with our monthly webinar series, featuring our host, Dr. Daniel G. Stewart, with special guest, Dr. Erson Religioso III. In this webinar recording, Dr. Stewart and Dr. Erson walk you through strength testing in relation to the shoulder. Exploring flexion, abduction and external rotation.

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Dr. Daniel G. Stewart

Dr. Stewart, PT, DPT, is an accomplished Doctor of Physical Therapy, recognized for his exceptional skills and contributions to the field. With a solid background in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology from The University of Utah, he furthered his expertise at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah, earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Stewart has been instrumental in the development of ActivForce. His involvement in building and integrating this technology underscores his mission to enhance the precision of physical therapy assessments.


Dr. Erson Religioso III

Dr. Erson Religioso III is a fellowship-trained cash-based PT practice owner, entrepreneur, blogger, and sought-after lecturer in the topic of Modern Manual Therapy. He has a #CashPT Practice in the Buffalo, NY area, EDGE Rehab and Sport Science, where he specializes in TMD, headaches, spinal care, runners, gymnasts, and chronic pain. His focus is seeing the patient as little as possible, and empowering them with education, self assessment and treatment strategies.

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